SrIvidhyAM shivavAmabhAganilayAM hrIMkAramantrojjwalAM |
SrIchakrA~gkitabindumadhyavasatiM SrImatsabhAnayikAm |
SrImatShaNmukhavighnarAjajananIM SrImajjaganmohinIm |
meenAkShIM praNato&smi santatamahaM kAruNyavArAMnidhim ||

O Goddess Meenakshi, You are the embodiment of mercy, I bow before you. You are Sri Vidhya, the sacred knowledge and dwell in the left side of Lord Shiva. You dazzle with the sacred sound “Hreem” and reside in the central dot of the Holy Design, Sri Chakra. You are the enchanter of the universe, mother of Lord Subramanya and Lord Ganesha and preside over the court of Lord Shiva

Sri Parvathi is a representation of Shakti and is considered as the supreme Divine Mother and the embodiment of the total energy in the universe.  She is the Mother of all Gods and Goddesses, of all humanity and Creation itself. Sri Parvathi manifests Her wrath in the form of Durga and Kali. Sri Meenakshi at our temple is a form of Goddess Parvathi, the consort of Lord Shiva.

Goddess Meenakshi, sister of Lord Vishnu and wife of Lord Sundereshwarer (Shiva) is one of the female deities to have a major temple devoted to Her - the famed Meenakshi Temple in Madurai, Tamil Nadu.  Malayadhwaja Pandiyan, the king of Madurai was childless and sought an heir for the kingdom. Lord Shiva granted him his prayers through an Ayonija child (one born not from the womb). This child was three years old and actually the incarnation of goddess Parvathi, the wife of Lord Shiva. She was named Meenakshi, (meaning big beautiful eyes) from the words mīna (meaning fish) and akṣi (meaning eyes).

After the death of the king, she ruled the kingdom with skillful administration. The Lord appeared on earth and proposed to her. The marriage was performed under the auspices of Sri Vishnu. This wedding scene is beautifully sculptured in the front entrance of our temple upstairs. 

She is the personification of Shiva-Shakti. Goddess Meenaksi in our temple is seen holding a parrot in her right hand. This is symbolic of transfer of knowledge. Through lifetime of experiences gained through many life cycles, Sri Meenakshi transformed that knowledge into wisdom.