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On May 30, 2010, U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar, who was an advocate for the Hindu community in the aftermath of the 2006 vandalism, toured the Hindu Temple of Minnesota and addressed the Hindu Community and its interfaith partners, representing many of Minnesota’s other faith communities.   

Senator Klobuchar visited the Temple’s Garden of Remembrance, built to honor the spirit of unity in the community in the aftermath of the vandalism, and stated, “I’ve always believed that Minnesota’s strength and vitality comes from the diversity of the people of our state and our Hindu community is essential to that diversity.”  The Senator spoke of the work the Hindu Society of Minnesota has done in Minnesota’s interfaith community, stating, “The Hindu Temple and the Hindu Society of Minnesota have created a community that has met its missions.  You have taken action to meet the spiritual needs of the community, to help the less fortunate, to fight for justice and equality, to preserve Hindu traditions and cultural heritage, and to build a stronger community.  What you have done matters, and what you have done has made a difference.” 

We might proudly recall that Senator Klobuchar discussed in United States Senate her experience of being an advocate for Minnesota’s Hindu community in the aftermath of the 2006 vandalism of the Hindu Temple of Minnesota, when she was Hennepin County Attorney. The Senator referenced our Hindu community’s decision to ask for forgiveness and pardon for the young men who vandalized the Temple, and our Hindu community’s request that those men be ordered to do community service at the Temple, rather than face more severe punishment.  In reference to those actions by the Hindu community, the Senator stated, “instead of punishment, you found greater value in education and ethics, you demonstrated that you are truly a community which practices truth and non-violence, love, tolerance, forgiveness, and the pursuit of knowledge.  This story is just one example of the wisdom of your community, and how what each of us does, and how we handle adversity, really matters.”

During her recent visit the Senator Klobuchar applauded the work that the Hindu Society of Minnesota has done to unite the faith communities of Minnesota and preserve the Hindu culture in Minnesota.  The Senator stated, “Since its beginning, this Temple has not only tended to your own members, but also to strengthen relationships with the larger Minnesota community. This Temple is truly a celebration of religion and culture.  It is a home for those who were born outside of the United States and for those whose families have been here for generations, accustomed to balancing an ancient and rich heritage with an ever shifting American culture.”

As her daughter Abigail and Senator’s husband John enjoyed the artistic architecture of our temple and the beauty of the Sacred Murtis while learning about Hinduism, the leaders of our temple were able to share with our Senator about how our Temple engages in various social service and interfaith activities. They also communicated to her the financial burden and debt load carried by our temple during these challenging economic times and sought her advice and counsel in these difficult times when the land prices are plummeting.. She has directed the leadership to various resources and avenues that needed to be pursued.

I do hope that our entire Hindu Community rallies behind our Hindu Temple and our Hindu Community’s tremendous achievements in religious, spiritual, educational and social spheres through a strong financial backing of the Hindu Mandir. I urge every Hindu in our community to rise to the occasion and make substantial donation to the temple to reduce the tremendous debt load it carries in these difficult times. Biased as I am. our Hindu Community’s Temple here in the Twin Cities is the most beautiful in the country and also unique in its operation. As it serves the religious needs of our community, it also conducts educational programs for both children and adults throughout the year to make certain that the knowledge and the wisdoms of our Rishis is passed on and preserved for generations to come.


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